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SEB helps telecoms players transform their OSS/BSS infrastructure into a stong competitive differentiator.
Understanding NGOSS


NGOSS is a comprehensive, integrated framework for developing, procuring and deploying operational and business support systems. NGOSS enables service providers to automate business processes and have the agility to respond to ever changing customer needs and market landscapes. NGOSS has been specified and developed over the past 2 years by the TeleManagement Forums 350 member companies including most of the leading suppliers and service providers globally.

Understanding and making use of NGOSS requires the undersatnding of the constituent parts of NGOSS and the SEB Consulting methodology for adopting NGOSS. The Constituent parts of NGOSS are:

-> The Enhanced Telecoms Operations Map - eTOM

-> The Shared Information & Data Model - SID

-> The Technology Neutral Architecture - TNA

-> The NGOSS Methodology


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