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SEB helps telecoms players transform their OSS/BSS infrastructure into a stong competitive differentiator.
Key People


SEB Consulting has strength in depth. All of our senior consultants have been advising in the telecoms industry for at least 10 years and in some cases up to 30 years. This deep core competence in telecoms, and specifically in OSS/BSS, has created a team that is unique in the industry.

Many of SEB's consultants have played a seminal role in defining the TeleManagement Forum's NGOSS standard and have been among the first to participate in rollouts of aspects NGOSS across the world. For the company who wishes to accelerate their performance through application of NGOSS there is no better organisation to work with.

-> Martin J. Creaner

-> Aileen Smith

-> Ken Dilbeck

-> Tony Richardson

-> Greg Fidler

-> Mike Kelly


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