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SEB helps telecoms players transform their OSS/BSS infrastructure into a stong competitive differentiator.

Understanding NGOSS

The shared Information & Data Model - SID

The SID framework is central to the NGOSS key principle of improving OSS/BSS system interoperability. A shared information and data model provides a “common language” for software providers and integrators to use in describing management information, which in turn allows easier and more effective integration across OSS/BSS software applications provided by multiple vendors. The Shared Information/Data (SID) Model captures the concepts and principles necessary in defining a shared information model, and also defines in detail many of the business elements (known in the SID as “Entities”) of interest to service providers and the attributes which describe these entities. The SID provides business oriented UML class models, as well as design oriented UML class models and sequence diagrams to provide a system view of the information and data.


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